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The Meaning of Life

Temet Nosce! These words haunt man through the ages. As he stumbles on in life with a spriritual belly empty and yearning for something that can quench the inexplicable hunger he experiences.

Man, Know Thyself!! The voice still cries by the wayside, at the entering in of the gates, hoping peradventure some passerby would yeild to the truth and open his mind and heart to wisdom.

Man Know Thy Source A pen cannot desire the office of a battle axe nor can a spoon envy the ministry of a cutlass! God made man and still holds the sole manufacturing rights to man. Untill the manufacturers original intentions for making man are discovered, man will still wander about with emptyness and meaningless. Religion (Te futile attempt of man to satisfy spiritual hunger and emptiness) only emoliates and releives man temporarily and cannot truly quench the raging thirst of his soul. Can some one help…?

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